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Fight for a Democratic Majority!

Election Day is upon us.

The campaign for control of Congress has come down to the wire. The races are close, the campaigns are energized, and now the responsibility lies with the voters. Many important issues are at stake with the inauguration of the 108th Congress: the health of our economy, national security, Social Security, a real prescription drug plan, protection of our environment and judicial confirmations. Your vote will help make the difference on these important issues. You can help determine whether or not we will have a Democratic majority in Congress to provide checks and balances.

Get to the polls on Tuesday and vote Democratic! With your vote, Democrats will win a majority in the House, strengthen our control of the Senate and capture critical state legislatures and governors' mansions from California to Florida. Remind your friends, neighbors and colleagues how vital their votes are in Tuesday's contests. Make no mistake: The more Democrats elected on November 5th, the better our country's future will be.

Democrats can't win without your vote. Leadership '02 is counting on your help to Get Out the Vote.

Remember: Every vote counts! Make your voice heard.

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